Modern solutions for Health and Benefits Payors.

Datagenix was formed in 2000 to create modern technology solutions for Health and Benefits Payors
by a team with more than 16 years in Health Care and Benefits Management. Its design focus has been from the start to create fast, modern, and most importantly, easy-to-use and maintain, software products.

With its ClaimScape Products Suite, Datagenix provides complete software for all aspects of Health
Claims Processing and Benefits Administration for Third Party Administrators (TPAs), IPAs,self-administered employer groups, health insurance companies & Managed Care Companies in Riverside, CA. Its suite of software includes the ClaimScape Medical Claims Processing and Benefits Administration system, The ClaimScape Web Access Portal System for Insured, Providers and Group Administrators, and the ClaimScape TPA Dashboard Web Reporting System. The DataGenix team also provides a complete set of integration, customization, and management consulting services in Riverside CA.

ClaimScape Claims and Benefits System

The ClaimScape Claims and Benefits System was developed to fulfill the need for flexible, cost
efficient, high performance, claims processing system for Third Party Administrators (TPAs), IPAs,
self-administered employer groups, health insurance companies & Managed care companies. Our leading
edge, full-featured but very easy to use interface has allowed ClaimScape customers worldwide to
reduce their claims processing costs and provide automated benefits processing and administration
to their clients.

DataGenix corporate and primary office are located in Riverside,
a city founded in 1870 , and located east of Los Angeles. The DataGenix team of designers, developers, and customer care staff work around the clock to provide services and support to its customers worldwide.

Escalating Claims and Benefits Software to Unparalleled Heights

DataGenix provides an innovative solution to improving operational visibility through advanced technology and innovation, while also reducing the intricacies of claims processing and healthcare benefits management.

Our Goal: Making Difficult Processes Into Streamlined Success
Our goal is to streamline complicated procedures through simplification. With a dedication to quality, we simplify complex jobs into simple stages.
Our Commitment to Inclusion: Promoting Harmony Through Diversity
At Datagenix, we are committed to encouraging a culture in which each team member's unique experiences add to a sense of oneness. By accepting variety, we spark innovation and creativity and give ourselves a competitive edge. We use our diversity to create a culture that values and embraces everyone via constant education and active listening.
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